Best snorkeling spots in Gili Trawangan

snorkeling best spots gili islands

From the coast of Trawangan, there are some nice area to practice snorkeling.

3 spots are better for snorkeling gili Trawangan.

snorkeling best spots

North of the islands, Halik

The nicest and the best snorkeling spot of Gili Trawangan, with beautiful corals and turtles. Depth 4-7m.

Be careful

  • the drif is often very strong, you could finish to the west side of Gili Trawangan
  • the access could be difficult during the low tides.

North-East, Turtle point

The easiest spot for swimming with turtles. Shallow area, often, you can stand up. Many green turtles on a sandy/dead bottom. Easy access from the beach.

Be careful

  • there are many boats.

South-East, Biorocks

Many artificial reefs include the scooters presented on the movie. Often, you can also snorkeling with turtles.

Be careful

  • the drift could be very strong to north or south.
  • many boats (the speed boats don’t really watch especialy from and to vila ombak)
swimming with turtle gili trawangan best snorkeling spot
Turtle point

They the best snorkeling spots in Gili Trawangan. If you want to discover the sealife, the underwater statues (The Nest) around the Gili islands, you can book one of our gili islands snorkeling tours



Start early at 7:30

from Trawangan or Meno

only 1 private boat per morning

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